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Riding Hele-On Buses

Riding the bus is easy. But, like the first time for anything, it is not unusual to be a little unsure. Please don't be nervous! We're glad you're riding with us and are happy to help.

Please utilize designated bus stop zones whenever possible.

Please remain seated at all times when bus is moving.

How to board the bus:

  • Wait on the proper side of the roadway for the bus
  • Flag the bus (please call for bus stop information)
  • Buses stop at either a red and white "BUS STOP" sign, a blue and white "HELE-ON BUS STOP" sign as shown below, a blue and white "BUS STOP" sign, a black, wooden or cement style bus shelter or by simply flagging down the bus at a safe location on the highway or roadway where the bus can SAFELY pull off the road.  In Kailua-Kona along Route 201, look for the Kona Trolley sign. primarily on Ali'i Drive, Palani Road and Kona Commons Shopping Center.
  • Wait until the bus makes a complete stop. Bus operators may motion you to move ahead of the bus stop or desired location of pick up for safety reasons.

Hele-On Bus Stop Sign

Hele-On Bus Shelter

How to exit the bus:

  • Before reaching your desired stop, pull the cord located by the window of the bus
  • If necessary, please tell the bus operator where you would like to deboard the bus if in between signed or official bus stop locations.
  • Remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Exit from front of bus.


Disclaimer: The County of Hawai'i will not be responsible for any inconvenience, expense, or damages resulting from the failure to depart or arrive at stated times or for any items brought on the bus.