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Hele-On Baggage Rules

Baggage that can be stored under a passenger's seat or on a passenger's lap, that will not protrude to another seat or otherwise interfere with other passengers, will be admitted at no charge. Baggage that will not be admitted on board shall include any large, bulky, dangerous or offensive article that may cause harm or discomfort to any passenger. No baggage may be stored in the aisle or on the seats.

• Bus operators cannot assist in carrying packages.

• All strollers, scooters, folding carts, and large packages must be stowed away under the seat. 

• Up to five (5) shopping bags, luggage or packages are allowed. These items must be stowed under the seat, in the bus undercarriage (if available), in the passenger’s lap or out of the aisle way.

• No large objects that cannot be placed under seat or out of the aisle way is allowed on board the bus. 

• No boarding buses with weed eaters, flat screen televisions, batteries, surfboards, boogie boards, body boards, fishing poles, rods, and spears or canoe oars/paddles.

• No refuse (including recyclable items) on board bus. 

The County of Hawai'i will not be responsible for any inconvenience, expense, or damages resulting from the failure to depart or arrive at stated times or for any items brought on the bus.