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ROUTE CHANGES IN HONOKAA TOWN - Effective November 02, 2020


Hawai‘i County Transit Agency

Hilo, Hawaii


Date:               October 21, 2020


To:                   Hele-On Riders


Subject:          Changes to Honokaa Town Routing & Designated Stops - Effective November 02, 2020


Effective November 02, 2020, the direction travelled in Honokaa Town for ALL routes travelling in either direction will change to the following:


From Hwy 19, turn onto Plumeria St, RIGHT on Lehua St, LEFT on Akia St, LEFT on Puakalo St, RIGHT on Mamane St, turn onto Hwy 19. 


Therefore, the designated stops in Honokaa Town will be changed as follows:  

·         Honokaa Hospital (Plumeria St, bus shelter)

·         Honokaa Lower Gym/across Hau‘oli Senior Housing (Akia St, roadside fronting parking lot, flag stop) There will be NO parking at the Lower Gym. Parking is available at the Upper Gym parking lot on Lehua St. 

·         Mamane St (at cross walk before Pakalana St, flag stop)


For more information, please contact the transit office at 808-961-8744.